It’s obvious that 80s and 90s fashion has always been loved, whether that be during that era or now, it still has such a huge following. To such an extent that both Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren have brought back a 90s flavour on their new releases. For example, Tommy Hilfiger bringing back items with their huge Tommy logo on, as for the best part of 90s clothing, the bigger the logo, the better the item. However, as it’s not always 80s and 90s wear that stands out from the crowd, we thought we would compose our personal top 10 celebs wearing all things wavey.

1) The big man Mike Tyson 

Here we have him sporting that serious bootleg Tommy Hilfiger top whilst walking his pet tiger. Bootlegs were a huge thing in the 90s and loads of celebs had the likes of Dapper Dan making them. Bootleg is still just as big now as people just love that over branding big logo 90s look. 

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2) Posh & Becks 

Here we see Posh and Becks looking like they should be en route to a UK Garage rave. We have Posh outshining Becks with that serious Polo Sport puffer and Air Max's. Mad to think that  Air Max 97s have made a huge return this year, with so many people now after them, lets hope these don't become some over-hyped item. 

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3) Snoop Dogg 

Snoop Dogg flexing a seriously hard Tommy rugby shirt (one of our all-time favourites) whilst performing "Lodi Dodi" on Saturday Night Live in 1994. Click here to see the full video. 

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4) Kardashians

You either love 'em or hate 'em, but based off this photo we love 'em, all Burbs everything.

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5) Robin Williams 

RIP to this absolute don, let’s take a moment to appreciate him stunting this wonderful Bape shirt like no other. 

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6) The real OG, The Notorious B.I.G

When most people see the iconic brand of Coogi, they will always think Biggie, these sweatshirts still bang. However, let's not forget the more recent celebs to be seen wearing them such as McGregor and Mayweather. Also numerous rappers including Snoop Dogg, A$AP Rocky, A$AP Yams and Action Bronson.


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7) Wu Tang Clans Raekwon the Chef 

Here he is rocking a Polo Ralph Lauren “Snow Beach” jacket in the song "Can it be all so simple" which ended up being one of the most iconic pieces of apparel in hip-hop. Not only in hip-hop, it was something everyone was interested in and still is now. However, these hardly ever pop up and if they do they have some next level prices being asked for them.

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 8) Alan Partridge

Not the kinda guy you would expect to see in Stone Island, but here we have him with a Stone Island heavy knit on.


9) Noel Gallagher

Again we have another celeb wearing a brand you wouldn’t expect, here's Noel rocking a Polo Sport Mountain Patch parka.

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10) Kanye West (Pre-Yeezy madness) 

Back in Kanye's earlier days before all the Yeezy madness, he was spotted wearing the Ralph Lauren “Polo Bear” range numerous times, we have him here in the grey sweat and navy knit a couple years apart. Again, these items are so sought after, with Ralph Lauren having brought out  numerous bear ranges since as they never get old. 


 Big up for reading! 

Author - Lyle Cross


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